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We analyzed hundreds of residency match lists to help you identify the best medical school for you.


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Specialty Distribution

We tracked the specialties that graduates from medical schools across the country matched into over the past several years.  Looking at these trends, you can make sure that the medical schools you are interested in have a track record of placing students on the career path you desire.


Geographical Distribution

We also looked at where in the country students matched.  Some medical schools tend to cluster their students’ residencies in certain pockets of the country, while others historically have had a wider range of residency locations.  Use these trends to check that the schools you are applying to give you a good shot at matching to the region you would like to live in after school.


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Compare Schools by What Matters to You

Compare medical schools against the MedhounD national average in the percentage of their graduates successfully matching to various specialties



Orthopedic Surgery

Compare Schools by Geographical Placement

See where students from each medical school go on to do their residency

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“MedhounD is an extraordinarily useful site for med school applicants”

“MedhounD is an extraordinarily useful site for med school applicants deciding where to apply as well as accepted premeds choosing which offer of admission to accept. It is invaluable in helping you make an intelligent medical school decision based not on surveys, opinions, or nebulous rankings but on results-focused data. I advocate a purpose-driven, future-focused approach to these critical decisions. MedhoundD makes it easy.”


– Linda Abraham

President and Founder of Accepted

“useful, relevant, practical and fascinating information”

“Yesterday I gave a talk to a premed group at Cornell University. When I showed them MedhounD, it felt in the room like I was unveiling a great new discovery: useful, relevant, practical and fascinating information they could never find before, and which will make their medical school selection –– both where to apply and where to matriculate –– a far more rational and authoritative process.  Thank you for bringing some certainty to a complex and too often mystifying process, for your great work –– and for making me a better advisor.”


– Janet Snoyer

Former Director of Health Professions Advising at Cornell University

Principal Consultant, Medical School Admissions at The Mentoring Alliance, LLC

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“This data has been vital in helping me make some of the most important decisions on my road to becoming a physician”


– Drew Smith

Brigham Young University ’15

“Love Medhound! I am using it to rank my four possible choices.”


– Scott Mitchell

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